Two Owner Survivor: 1974 Dodge Challenger

Some sellers patch up a classic before placing it on the market, hiding its history under fresh paint. That isn’t the case with this 1974 Dodge Challenger. It isn’t perfect, but that is part of its attraction. It wears… more»

Satisfyingly Quick: 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z

Compared to the numerous fine offerings the folks at Dodge have provided us with since then, the 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z may not seem like much of a performer by today’s standards, but back in the mid-eighties when… more»

Original 440 Six-Pack: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Few vehicles embody the muscle car era better than the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. Its stunning styling hints at a car with genuine performance credentials, and the original 440ci Six-Pack under the hood of this car confirms it is… more»

Sassy Green 440 V8 Project: 1971 Dodge Charger

Chrysler redesigned its mid-size cars in 1971 and the Charger was a beneficiary of the changes, at least that year. Sales were up 26% over the prior period, though nowhere near the car’s peak in 1968-69. This ’71 Charger… more»

R/T Clone Project: 1969 Dodge Charger SE

The second-generation Dodge Charger may have been the turnaround car of the 1960s. From a second-year low of less than 16,000 units in 1967, a redesign of Chrysler’s B-bodies brought that number up to more than 92,000 in 1968… more»

Time Capsule: 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan

There are serious van camper conversions, usually built from full-sized vans, with little kitchens (galleys), sleeping accommodations, and some even have bathrooms. Then there are weekender-type van conversions, such as this time capsule 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan high-top by… more»

Original Paint Boogie Van? 1977 Dodge Tradesman

Ah, boogie van life: is there any clearer symbol of open road freedom than a small home on wheels that lets you party whenever the mood strikes? It’s amazing how many of these panel vans still pop up for… more»

Inspection Encouraged: 1972 Dodge Dart Demon 340

This 1972 Dodge Dart is an unassuming vehicle, and you must look closely to spot the Demon badges on its front fenders. It still gives little away, with no indications that its engine bay houses a 340ci V8. The… more»

Estate Sale Find! 1977 Dodge Aspen Survivor

We’ve all heard stories about finding a cream puff car that grandma only drove to the store and church on Sundays, but these usually pan out to be about as exaggerated as grandpa’s tales of landing the largest bass… more»

Kansas Field Find: 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa

The seller says that this 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa van camper was rescued from a field in Kansas. It appears to be in great condition, it looks like they did a nice job of bringing this one back and… more»

32k Mile Survivor: 1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer

Thanks to a big loan from Prudential, Chrysler redesigned their cars for 1955-56, making them sleeker than their predecessors. That included the Dodge Coronet, the mainstay of the division’s line-up. All of Dodge’s 2-door hardtops were also called Lancers,… more»

1 of 285: 1980 Dodge Aspen R/T

Chrysler had high hopes for the Dodge Aspen/Plymouth Volare twins when they debuted in 1976. They were the successors of the long-lived and proven Dodge Dart/Plymouth Valiant. But a healthy round of recalls tarnished their images, and they were… more»

One-Owner, Needs Work: 1974 Dodge Challenger

Chrysler created a new “E-body pony car platform in 1970 for the Plymouth Barracuda and the all-new Dodge Challenger. Things started out with great promise, but the market for performance-oriented cars shifted and demand for the Challenger fell almost… more»

Nicest One Left? 1974 Dodge Charger SE

This third-generation Dodge Charger SE might be the nicest example out there. That’s no doubt the seller’s assumption as the car is priced accordingly. But there are a lot of automobiles here for the money, with a prior restoration… more»

Slightly Sunburned Sedan: 1976 Dodge Aspen SE

“For a small car, it’s unbelievable.” If you can’t believe a car company’s marketing brochure, what can you believe? They really wanted potential customers to know that this 1976 Dodge Aspen SE was a small car. This one is… more»

4WD Fun: 1979 Dodge Power Wagon

This 1979 Dodge Power Wagon has not been tucked away in a garage its whole life. It has been used for its intended purpose. Located in Redmond, Oregon, this W150 short wheelbase step side Dodge truck is listed here… more»