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No Reserve 1968 Pontiac GTO 400 4-Speed

Royal Pontiac, located in Royal Oaks, Michigan, became the unofficial home of high-performance Pontiacs during the 1960s. Its collaborative work with the manufacturer produced some of the most potent vehicles to wear the marque’s badge. This 1969 GTO isn’t a genuine Royal Bobcat but features the model’s iconic livery. It presents superbly and is a rock-solid vehicle that would suit a new owner seeking a high-end driver. The seller has listed it here on eBay in Conyers, Georgia. Bidding has raced to $20,300 in a No Reserve auction.

Royal Pontiac came into existence courtesy of a disagreement between a father and his son. Asa Wilson Sr was becoming dismayed by his son (Ace) and his fixation with high-performance vehicles and street racing in Detroit. He did what any sane and wealthy parent would do. He bought his son a Pontiac dealership! The belief was that it would provide a way to channel his energies productively, but the truth was that the decision fed the performance leanings within his son. The path of Ace crossed that of Jim Wangers, who Pontiac had tasked with securing a dealership willing to help the company to develop its high-performance credentials. It took a single meeting between Wangers and Wilson Jnr for a contract to be signed, so a legend was born. Royal Pontiac worked closely with the company’s management to develop its models, although the relationship eventually wound down during the 1970s. The relationship became strained in 1968 when Royal slotted the 428ci V8 under the hood of its offerings in contravention of Pontiac’s maximum engine capacity policy. This 1968 GTO isn’t a genuine Bobcat but has the model’s distinctive White graphics laid over flawless Meridian Turquoise paint. Faulting its presentation is difficult, with the paint and graphics as crisp as you could hope to find and the panels laser straight. The car’s history is unclear, but the seller claims it is rust-free. The trim and glass are spotless, and the five-spoke Hurst wheels suit the car’s appearance.

Purists will be disappointed to learn this GTO isn’t numbers-matching. Its 400ci V8 is of 1971 vintage, and its specifications are unclear. Power and torque should be at least 300hp and 400 ft/lbs, but I wouldn’t rule out higher figures. The ponies feed to the road via a four-speed manual transmission and a 4.33 limited-slip rear end, with the combination promising an entertaining and rapid motoring experience. The V8 inhales through a Ram Air II induction system and cylinder head, exhaling through a Gardner exhaust. A sub-15-second ¼-mile ET should be within reach of the driver, but how far below that mark it is will depend on the engine’s specifications. The engine bay presents beautifully, and it doesn’t flatter to deceive. This GTO runs and drives perfectly, ready to hit the road with a new owner behind the wheel.

The overall presentation of this Pontiac’s interior suggests it has done little work since it underwent a restoration or refurbishment. The Parchment vinyl trim looks faultless, with no marks or discoloring that can be a hallmark of this trim type. The dash, console, carpet, and pad tell a similar story, and there are no aftermarket additions to spoil its purity. The driver gazes through the windshield at the hood tach, with in-car entertainment provided by a pushbutton radio and factory 8-track player. That isn’t much by modern standards, but it is era correct. This is another aspect of this classic that needs nothing.

This 1968 Pontiac GTO isn’t original, but it is spotlessly clean and ready to hit the road with a new owner behind the wheel. Placing a value on a vehicle of this type is challenging because any modified classic is worth what someone is willing to pay. The current figure has been achieved via eight bids, and with the reserve met that new home is only days away. It may only take a single bid to secure this gem. Is that enough to tempt you to monitor this auction?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    The long shots make it look like a well-built/detailed model.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Very rare for me, but I am speechless.

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  3. TorinoSCJ69

    Love this owner’s choices and execution! Beautiful GTO.

    Love the 4.33:1 deep gearset!

    Ad is Gone and hopefully this gem went to a careful caretakers Home!

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  4. Stan

    A real barnstormer here w the gears and 4 spd. Big Pontiac performance.

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    No longer on EBAY. 😔

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