Stalled Turbo Project: 1976 Porsche 930

This Porsche 930 has been in the seller’s possession for some time but has only racked up nominal mileage since he took possession of it in the early 90s. The 930 is perhaps the most iconic turbocharged Porsche ever… more»

Martini Edition: 1977 Porsche 924 Barn Find

Special editions among the domestic brands are a dime a dozen, but it was unusual back in the day for the likes of Porsche to roll out a limited trim package. The 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Championship Edition was… more»

Parked Since 1990: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo

One of my favorite underappreciated classics at the moment is the Porsche Type 931, otherwise known as the 924 Turbo. It has all the hallmarks of a future collector car that we all should have purchased when they were… more»

Perfect Patina: 1971 Porsche 911

Air-Cooled 911s are hot right now and I don’t see any signs of them cooling off. Porsche isn’t ever going to make an air-cooled flat-six again so if you want to experience what made the company what it is… more»

Updated Looks: 1974 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

It’s honestly incredible how little the Porsche 911 actually changed from 1964 to 1998. Sure, things changed both mechanically and cosmetically, but the core structure of the 911 saw very few changes throughout this time period. So little changed… more»

Rare Kremer Widebody: 1979 Porsche 911SC

We all know that the Porsche 930 is a monster, one of the foremost supercars to come out of the 1970s. It’s long been known as the “widow maker” owing to its abilities to expose the weaknesses in drivers… more»

Under 17K Miles: 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet

A few days ago, I had the privilege to spend a few hours with my aunt and uncle, two individuals I count high on my nearest and dearest list. While there, we couldn’t help but notice a scale model… more»

In the Garage Since ’91: 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo

The Porsche 924 has long been the red-headed stepchild in the company’s lineup. Long considered the “cheap” Porsche and not even on par with the closely-related 944, the 924 has been the throwaway car in the family, and its… more»

Worthwhile Replica? 1983 Porsche GT1 Tribute

Have you ever been tempted to build a replica of an exotic sports cars? Me either, but plenty of people find the temptation too much to resist. This is despite needing to devote thousands of dollars in labor and… more»

Light Yellow Slicktop: 1977 Porsche 911S

There’s ample chatter and rampant speculation about whether the economy is slowing down. Whether it is or isn’t depends on your world view, but seeing deals start to waft back into the collector car market is at least valuable… more»

67K Mile A/C Car: 1976 Porsche 914

Just the other night, I happened to see a clean, baby blue Porsche 914 driving the opposite direction away from a busy intersection. I had a hard time looking away, as the car was just right – clean, with… more»

Garage Find Project: 1983 Porsche 944

The Porsche 944 has perpetually been the “affordable” Porsche. This means it’s the one that always gets kicked to the curb when garage space is tight or the budget is slashed. However, this does not make it an undesirable… more»

Custom Convertible: 1969 Porsche 911

People love convertibles. Back in the day, all manners of exotic cars, particularly the Ferrari Daytona, were potential candidates for an aftermarket convertible conversion. I don’t know that the end results were ever particularly refined, but the market certainly… more»

Numbers Matching With Sportomatic: 1968 Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars ever conceived. Designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Ferry Porsche’s son, the first 911s arrived in 1964, bearing the badge of brilliant performance. But that wasn’t its only virtue: the… more»

Owned 30 Years: 1983 Porsche 911 SC

To own a car for 30 years takes commitment, both to the upkeep and to acknowledging that you enjoy the driving experience so much that you find it worth investing in for decades on in. The air-cooled Porsche 911… more»

No Spoiler G50 Coupe: 1987 Porsche 911

Even in this day and age, lots of people still seem to prefer that their Porsche 911 has a spoiler on the back. I’m here to present this gorgeous black-on-black specimen as evidence that it should not. This 1987… more»