About BF Auctions

An auction is a perfect way to sell your classic car or truck. It gives potential buyers enough time to do their research and ensures that you receive true market value. BF Auctions are different than most venues though so keep reading to learn more about what makes them better.

No Deadbeat Bidders

We require everyone to have a credit card on file before they are allowed to bid. Once an auction ends, we charge a 5% buyer’s premium to the high bidder. This helps eliminate the fake bidding that is so prevalent on other auctions sites.

No Deadbeat Sellers

If a seller backs out at the end of an auction we will refund the buyer’s premium to the high bidder and charge it to the seller. This keeps everyone accountable and ensures that both sides are committed before they list a car or place a bid.

No Last Minute Sniping

It can be very frustrating to get outbid by only a few dollars at the last second. To prevent this we extend the auctions by a few minutes every time a bid is placed near the end. All auctions also have a predefined bid increment.

This all adds up to a better experience for both the buyer and seller.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do auctions run?

Our auctions last 7 days. We feel that is just the right amount of time to give bidders a chance to inspect the vehicle and get shipping quotes.

Can I set a reserve?

You can, but it needs to be realistic. No “testing the waters” auctions with crazy reserves. We can help you determine a realistic expectation based on what similar vehicles have sold for recently.

How much does it cost?

Sellers pay $99 per auction unless a bulk discount has been arranged. This fee will be refunded if we decide to not feature your car.

Buyers pay a 5% premium ($250 minimum / $5,000 maximum). This fee will be refunded if the seller backs out.

Who handles payment?

We only handle the auction. You and the buyer will need to make payment arrangements after the auction has ended. For high dollar transactions, we recommend using an Escrow service.

What about shipping?

All shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer unless other terms have been agreed upon.

How many photos do I need?

The first thing you need to do is go out to the barn or garage and take a lot of photos! We want to see everything. Get multiple shots of the exterior from all sides, engine bay, interior, and trunk. Then crawl underneath and get a few of the underside. Make sure that the lighting is good and the photos are not blurry. The more high-quality photos you provide, the more likely you will to get full market value. We will reject any submissions that do not include high-quality photos and a detailed description, so please take your time and do the legwork before submitting your auction.

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