Car Show Find: 1978 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon

One of my favorite Father’s day activities is attending one of the many car shows that take place over the weekend. This year, I decided to stop by one of the shows that’s held at a local retirement center…. more»

Country Club Sighting: Honda-Powered Porsche 914

Here’s something you wouldn’t expect to find in your local golf course parking lot. A ratty Porsche 914 may not be that uncommon but this one has a surprise hiding under the hood… er, trunk! The owner wasn’t around… more»

That ’56 Ford F100 Down The Street

There have been more than a few times that an interesting classic car has shown up in one of our neighbor’s driveways, only to disappear before we’ve had a chance to stop and ask them about it. It always… more»

Mystery Hoard of Buicks, Fords, and More!

Someone on social media with a Facebook account posted a collection of cars here on Facebook Marketplace but doesn’t list where they are or if they are even for sale. Some of them are tucked away safe and sound… more»

Junkyard Find: 1965 Ford Thunderbird

Now, this is one that you really don’t see in junkyards anymore, or at least you really shouldn’t. This 1965 Ford Thunderbird somehow ended up in a pick-and-pull yard here in Boise, rather than with someone who could have… more»

Junkyard Find: 1984 Pontiac Fiero

There’s nothing quite like a quiet junkyard stroll on a cool fall day. Now that temperatures have cooled off a bit here in Boise, we decided to visit one of our favorite pick and pulls to see what kind… more»

Rare Roadside Sighting: Mercedes SL AMG!

On a recent trip to a nearby grocery store, we took a slight detour and ended up spotting a rather interesting car parked on a side street. At first glance, you might think this just looks like another other… more»

Reader Sighting: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

I love a good automotive mystery! So reader Jayden P’s recent sighting has me intrigued. He spotted this 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 a few weeks ago while driving around in Twin Falls, Idaho. He snapped a couple of… more»

Warehouse Cache: Huge Barn Find in North London

Imagine for a moment that you are rather well-off; so well-off, in fact, that you have access to an enormous warehouse in London. What does one do with such a property? Why, stuff it to the gills with cars… more»

World’s Largest: The LeMay Family Collection

For me, the idea of a barn find includes components of the undiscovered, the neglected, and the for-sale. Not all of these elements have to be present, but at least a couple. So I take some issue with Classic… more»

Huge Stash Of Cars Found On Pennsylvania Farm

One of Barn Find’s readers, Stephen Liebert, turned us on to a large collection of cars and trucks located up in the Northeast. It’s owned by Dave Rapp who used to be in the car business in Long Island,… more»

Junkyard Adventures: Impounded Classics

With the brutal heat we’ve been having here in Idaho, I haven’t made a trip to the local junkyard in a while, but we had a few days of reprieve so I decided to make a trip out to… more»

THROWBACK: Hitching Post 1967 Shelby GT500

UPDATE – To celebrate Barn Finds’ 10th Anniversary, we are taking a look back at some of the top posts over the years. 2012 was a big year for Barn Finds! Not only were there lots of incredible finds… more»

Abandoned Classics Found In New Mexico

From Gregg W – I was on a road trip back to Minnesota from Tucson recently and while driving on Highway 54 through Vaughn, New Mexico, we stopped in front of a church my sister wanted to check out…. more»

Rusted Out Porsche 356 In California

As Porsche values have continued to climb, we’ve seen some pretty rusty and rough examples saved from the scrap heap. It’s actually amazing what people will spend on a rough project, but when nice examples are fetching huge amounts… more»

Roadside Sighting: One Of A Kind Gullwing!

On my way into Barn Finds HQ this morning, I decided to take a different route than usual in hopes of avoiding some of the crazy traffic that’s taken over Boise recently. Not only did this new route save… more»