Stalled Turbo Project: 1976 Porsche 930

This Porsche 930 has been in the seller’s possession for some time but has only racked up nominal mileage since he took possession of it in the early 90s. The 930 is perhaps the most iconic turbocharged Porsche ever… more»

“Judge” For Yourself: 1969 Pontiac GTO

Pontiac introduced “The Judge” to its Second Generation GTO range in 1969, with 6,833 buyers handing over the cash to drive one off the showroom floor. It remains one of the most desirable versions of the GTO, and genuine… more»

Original K-Code: 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback

We often see sellers frustrated by non-paying winning bidders, but the story of this 1966 Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback is one of frustration for a different reason. A technical glitch appears to have seen most of the photos disappear… more»

360/4-Speed: 1970 Ford F-250 4×4 Highboy

Determining whether a classic is desirable can be challenging, but this 1970 Ford F-250 4×4 Highboy leaves no doubt. It has attracted thirty-nine bids in just over three days, suggesting people genuinely want to be its new owner. It… more»

Original V8: 1979 Chevrolet Monza Coupe

Tidy vehicles from the 1970s have developed a strong following because a new generation of enthusiasts views them as an affordable option to enter the world of classic car ownership. Some alternatives seem obvious, but the 1979 Chevrolet Monza… more»

Split Window Project: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet finally redesigned its Corvette sports car in 1963, retiring the first-generation models after a 10-year run. An enclosed coupe was offered in addition to the convertible. It used a split-window layout for the back glass which would become… more»

Rare 1971 Jeep Jeepster Commando SC1

This 1971 Jeep Jeepster Commando SC1 is located in Walla Walla, Washington. Matt H. found it here on Craigslist with an asking price of $20,000. The Jeepster Commando was first manufactured by Kaiser Jeep in 1966 to compete with… more»

Lariat Survivor: 1986 Ford F-150 XLT

While we’re all generally impressed by survivor-grade vehicles, it’s particularly impressive when the vehicle in question is fairly plane-jane. The logic here is that an ordinary vehicle is far more likely to be abused, or kept in average condition… more»

429 Cobra Jet: 1971 Ford Torino GT

Losing a loved one, especially a partner of many years, is one of the most harrowing experiences in many people’s lives. Deciding what to do with their precious possessions can be equally difficult, but that is the one facing… more»

Three Window Coupe: 1932 Ford Deluxe V8

I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about hot rods. I have read and been told that an all-steel ’32 Ford three-window coupe, such as this Deluxe model, which is cooling its hills in Mount Dora, Florida, is… more»

Power Pack V8: 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Chevrolet redesigned its automobiles for 1955 and introduced a small-block V8 that would help usher in performance for stock street cars. The stylish Bel Air Sport Coupe would be quite popular, and you could get one with the “Power… more»

Short Bed 454! 1970 Chevrolet C-10

Chevy’s slab-sided “Action Line” C and K series trucks look great and enjoy the affection of many custom truck builders. This 1970 Chevrolet C-10 in Edmonds, Washington gets the juices flowing with a classic configuration:  rear wheel drive, short… more»

BF Auction: 1986 Puch Maxi Sport LS 2

Austrian moped maker, Puch, offered many models of these small pedal-started motorcycles beginning in the early-1950s and they were popular well into the 1980s. After that, the company was squeezed out of the market due to intense competition and… more»

Limelight Trophy Winner! 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner was one of the most successful of the 1960s mid-size muscle cars. Perhaps only the Pontiac GTO eclipsed it in terms of demand. First-generation (1968-70) production exceeded 172,000 copies, not bad for a car that… more»

The Classic Wagon: 1985 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

When it comes to station wagons, America is pretty tough to beat for crafting the ultimate version of a family hauler. The Europeans refined the concept by making wagons entertaining to drive in addition to hauling more cargo than… more»

Post-War Compact: 1951 Kaiser Henry J

The small and economical Kaiser Henry J may have been the right car but at the wrong time. The assumption after World War II was that buyers would scoop up thrifty cars in large numbers. Instead, with years of… more»